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  • University of Arkansas - Bachelor of Science and Business Administration
  • University of Missouri at Kansas City - D.D.S. Degree and a Certificate in Periodontal
  • Omicron Kappa Upsilon Member
  • Active American Academy of Periodontology
  • Fellow with the American Academy of Implant Dentistry
  • Diplomat of the International Congress of Implantology
  • Past assistant professor in the Department of Graduate Periodontics at the University of Oklahoma
  • Past Assistant Clinical Professor, University of Arkansas Medical Center, Department of Plastic Surgery
  • Editorial Board of Implant Dentistry Journal
  • Past Chairman of the Dental Advisory Committee of the American Red Cross Tissue Services Dental Division
  • Dr. Callan is on the advisory board for many dental health care companies
  • Standing faculty member for the Implant Team Seminars located at the University of Texas in San Antonio
  • Author of many publications
  • Private practice, which is limited to periodontics with an emphasis on tissue regeneration and implant dentistry, is located in Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Implant Coeditor of Dental Surgical Products
  • Recipient of the Ralph V. McKinney, Jr. award for 2001 from the International Congress of Oral Implantologists
  • Provided educational lectures for doctors worldwide (USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, Russia, Japan, and Europe).
  • Guest lecturer at UCLA, University of Iowa, University of Missouri Kansas City, University of Tennessee, University of Texas, New York University, University of Washington, Louisiana State University, University of Alabama, University of Arkansas Medical Sciences, University of Oregon, University of Pennsylvania, University of Michigan, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, and almost every state association within the United States.
  • American Dental Association 1975 - Present
  • American Academy of Periodontology 1976 - Present
  • American Dental Society of Anesthesiology 1978 - Present
  • Southwestern Society of Periodontics 1978 - Present
  • Arkansas State Dental Association 1978 - Present
  • Central District Dental Society 1978 - Present
  • Pulaski County Dental Society 1978 - Present
  • Garland County Dental Society 1978 - Present
  • American Academy of Implant Dentistry 1983 - Present
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists 1991 - Present
  • The American College of Oral Implantology 1991 - Present
  • The American Society of Osseointegration 1991 - Present
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery 1998 - Present
  • Dr. Callan was one of the first investigators utilizing bovine OsteoGraf/N distributed by CeraMed Corporation bone for the implantation within the jawbones of humans for reconstruction due to either cancer or diseased patients for guided bone regeneration.
  • Dr. Callan is also one of three investigators to utilize an artificial protein for the stimulation of bone growth within the upper and lower jaws of patients.
  • Dr. Callan was the first researcher of AlloDerm by grafting material for oral use, which is the most utilized soft tissue allograft material today. He pioneered the use of AlloDerm in dental surgery and is recognized as the world's foremost clinical expert with the material.
  • Dr. Callan is one of the pioneers in the development of fascia lata, distributed by LifeNet Tissue Bank, used as a membrane barrier material for guided bone regeneration.
  • Dr. Callan is one of the pioneers in the use of flex and bone putty grafton ostotech distributed by the American Red Cross for guided bone regeneration in preparation to support dental implants or to enhance the cosmetics of dental procedures.

Since 1991, Dr. Callan's office is and has been involved in teaching other surgical dentists bone grafting procedures and the proper technique of placing dental implants featuring the PerioSeal Implant System.

At his learning center, surgical techniques for success are emphasized including proper suturing (Ethicon Suture) and the proper use of materials. The placement of bone grafting material, membrane barriers, soft tissue grafts, and dental implants, involves more than just a technique. Proper instrumentation must be available (Salvin Dental Specialities) for the surgical dentist. Dr. Callan will review the instrumentation for each procedure in the learning center courses.

Maintenance of any patient's mouth is dependent upon personal (Sonicare) and professional care and utilizing the most advanced products on the market.

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