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First, Dr. Callan and staff would like to welcome you to our office. The objective of this office is to educate and treat patients to the best of our ability with the most up-to-date treating facility and current technology. Without the care and concern of the staff, this goal would not be possible. The staff is experienced and educated for the treatment of implant patients. The staff has completed more than the requirements for continuing education at the national, state, and local levels. This dedication to our patients is very much appreciated by the past and current patients. Not only does the staff provide patient care, they also help Dr. Callan in providing continuing educational programs for doctors around the world.

Dr. Callan and staff provide patient care and educational opportunities within their office.

1. Patient care - If you as a patient feel that you may need a dental implant or if you have missing teeth due to gum disease, Dr. Callan and staff would be more than happy to provide a consultation. This consultation will consist of an oral examination and a dental x-ray. The advantages and disadvantages of various treatment modalities will be reviewed at that time.

2. Education - If you are a practicing dentist and seeking education in the area of dental implants or bone grafting procedures, our learning facility has been designed to meet these needs. The purpose of the learning center (two day course) is to acquaint the clinicians with grafting materials and techniques to improve the success and esthetics for cosmetic and implant dentistry. The seminar includes: live surgery, certificate of attendance, course materials, hands-on workshop and take home models.

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